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Is new york asian escort girl hot or not?

Is new york asian escort girl hot or not?we only provide hot girls to you guys!!!

Like the website,rose is our signal,we got many different styles girls,maybe you don't like one of them,but you gonna like some of them.

Of course,if some of them don't get welcome from customer,we will change new girls to replace them.

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The Asian escort price in world journal is so low.

Asian escort price

The Asian escort price in world journal is so low.I was looking for something else in world journal,but when i take a look in the price of world journal.I saw a lot of price for Asian escort service,the lowest price is $50, and i also find out the $60. $80 .$90  without tips.Even the title and content say the Asian escorts are hot and young in this price.It's impossible for cheap if they're young, i don't even talk about hot. Because as i know,there's two simple explain,the price is just for attracting customer,it's different price when you call for them.another one is the Asian escort is over 40 years old or more.

For the thing i know,$100 is standard price for Brooklyn.$120 is standard price for flushing.It's about what i know.More and more girls or women who decide to be one of Asian escorts come to USA.I hear the Asian escort is over 40 years old told me "It's easy to earn money for couple years before,but it's so hard right now.more and more Asian escort join this group and independent can put the price too low to believe."

If you don't wanna work the same as others,like restaurant,nail spa,sale.Don't misunderstand me,I'm not telling you to be an Asian escort,to be a operator for Asian escort service. The salary must over 3000 and you have more choice on the place and time.

Why the Asian escort price in world journal is so low!?

The price is attract customer,not the real price.

The Asian escort's quality is unacceptable.

But,the escort's price is too hard to grow up recently.More and more new Asian escort agency join to this group.they don't have any advantage in the first page.For surviving,they always gonna reduce the price on it until their business grow up,sometimes they keep the same price as before.For now,don't have any brand i know right now in Asian escort.but it's not good for letting so many people know about this.police will focus on you.

Day by day,there will be the level here, different quality Asian escorts will have different price. Some hot Asian escort girls think lower price is too hard to accept.And there's some customer don't care about money,they don't care about the service,only thing they care about is gonna be how hot this girl gonna be.

I ask my friend if they need the escort service. i give the price $200/hour for them and the hot picture for Asian escort.My friend say it's too expensive even she's hot.Before one Facebook friend ask me if there have any high quality escort girl to introduce him,money is not a big deal.I know nothing in that time and i was thinking all the Asian escorts are not that hot and young as i think until i know more about this business.


Never think one escort girl will work for long time!!!

escort girl

Never think one escort girl will work for long time!!!

It doesn't mean there's  no escort girls will work for you for long time,It's about attitude.If you have this ideas, you will focus on those escort girls or one escort girl.your escort group will stop growing.Unless those escort girls really think you're a good escort agency,then they choose introducing new escort girls for you.But,are you sure you're the best one or they think you're the best choice.

And by the way,not the NY escorts work every day.even deducting the menstrual period.The escort girl who work with me,work 6 days in two weeks.The reason is petty simple.her boyfriend is coming,she wanna have a happy time with him.even the day still have one more day.This remind me one thing : one escort agency tell me that young escort girls only work for couple days,then play with her boyfriend. what a true thing.

And i just realize one thing,I'm the guy who really don't like to watch,but like to play.So I'm the guy who good at learning from high-skill competitor. I'm the one who easy to identify the old competitor who is better than me for long time.I realize it until today.

It's the attitude,what you think is really important,never put all egg in one basket.You may saw a lot of NYC escort ads on News,they're hiring the young and sexy escort girl and say they have a lot of old customers and easy to earn money more than 30 thousands dollars each month.Even those are not true,but it's enough to scare you, you will think you don't even have spa and you don't have old customer.the only thing you can do is sending one escort girl to one hotel and send the back-page.Yes,it's petty easy for you,it seems like easy.But it means everybody can earn this money,think about your advantage.If you can't find any of them. It didn't means you can post the ads for finding new escort girls.

Not all the escort girls like to watch Newspaper,at least some girl is ready to find the job as Asian escort,but they afraid to find it on Newspaper.Never think it won't work before you do it.Then you did nothing and pray to god that your business will grow up. It's too hard to happen.

Every fucking detail will change the end of your jobs.



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