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I’m really not sure about 1 hour Escort service can service you guys for 1 hour!

1 hour Escort service

I’m really not sure about 1 hour Escort service can service you guys for 1 hour!

Out call for escort service,As far as i know,Asian escort service for outcall provide you exactly 1 hour.But for In-call ? Always not,at least for Asian girls,It’s always be 1 times service.It could be 5 minutes or 15 minutes,it depends on your durability.By the way,it doesn’t means you can do it for 62 minutes,if you can’t let it go within 1 hour,you have to pay extra money on it.It usually will tell you to hurry up before 45 minutes maybe earlier,It depends on how many people make appointments on them.I’m not supposed to write something about this for you guys.After you know more about Asian escorts in hotel service(incall),you probably won’t go incall.

For some reason,I already quit the escort service for good.If you think all girls work for the Asian escort service are not beautiful.You’re wrong.With the student studying abroad increase,more and more of them more like to join this group.some of them do this,because they don’t know there’s anything they can do and  they need money for living. some of them for buying luxury.last one group are hotter than the first one.I work for escort seoer for 3 years more.I meet a lot of escort agency(some of them work escort girls too). So i know about this. About new escort girl’s joining.bartender may join to our escort service,when they bored with drinking and drug(I hear about they eat drugs,for customer’s happiness.) By the way,they provide one night service($600 one night). But not all of them.some of them join this for couple days then quit.For many reasons,it’s hard to explain here(I will tell more in next topic).

It’s hard to be an Asian escort agency,sometimes escort girl will complaint a lot on customer,such as “penis too big or too hard”,”he’s too fat”,”he’s kind of dirty”.


What’s the exactly right way to improve your escort business(about escort website running system)?

about escort website running system

What’s the exactly right way to improve your escort business(about escort website running system)?

I can not tell you the detail about how to work for your escort website.But I can tell you the mainly minds about attracting more browsers.Think about more about your browsers(potential customers). IF you try build more information about escort service or anything about escort service. Stop writing trash topic and stop bullshit.I had read so many trash topics and video. Simply like 1 or 2 hot pictures with advertisement terminology.It’s hard to say I was trying to learn something from those bullshit.It’s not about the quality,more about quantity.But I have to agree I used to do like them,try to find the easy way to improve escort website.When the rank 1 and rank 2 are all my websites.I think my operation is right and I think I’m the top 5 of new york Asian escort Seoer at least.But I’m totally wrong.when this mind pop up in my minds,I neglect stop learning good from the another top 10 websites.When my escort website fall down.I realized these have something wrong by my own.For me,I choose to escape,whatever about finding a part-time job for wholesale company or finding another job.

My customer who trust me even I didn’t do anything for her websites more than 2 month.she still not give up on me and told me that do something for those websites.Actually I lose the confident to raise her escort website.I know this gonna be hard time for me and I don’t even know how long this gonna take,also I won’t get paid until those website move up to top 10 Asian escort websites.

I decided to pick up my old jobs for this,But I’m not sure how long I will insist.

To be true in my heart,naive is not the bad way.Naive make me believe I can do it and insist for long time.My father told me “Mentality is very important in our life”. I just say “yes” in my mouth,but i agree with this in my heart right now.I think about I’m the good Seoer already.So I didn’t work that hard and when I fall down,I didn’t accept I’m back to the start.Maybe better than when i was a fish,maybe worse than a fish.I always wanna ignore someone who learn something from me and he’s better than me right now.I refuse to learn from them.Even I don’t wanna take look from them.I forget how I learn from good escort websites and do better than them.

Good mentality is super important for me right now,I used to care about how many words i wrote and how many keywords i add.But I never care about how reader think about my topic.Maybe i wrote better after July.But I still the one who like playing game.So I try to finish my jobs fast,So I can play my games.I know this won’t help me at all and It’s wasting my time.I was a bad chef,I work on my mother’s restaurant.I always have a mouth fight with my mother.I hate that job.So I decide to learn computer programming.I had a dream at that time and The maximum power to help me keep learning is I wanna change my life status at that time.I can remember how tired after I work,But I still try to learn everything I can.I spend a lot times and some money on this.I can remember how happy when I build my first own website.Even this website spent me a lot of times after that and It only $10 for whole year.Because of this website,I asked my sister to build leaflet and sent those in school elevator,I’m too nervous to speak English.It’s really sad when they refuse or ignore you.But it’s real happy when they receive my cards after they hearing about mine.

I Know i will be back,today is my birthday.And I strongly hope my life status will change.I do believe it will.This topic is about mine,if you’re not interested in it, you can ignore it.But it mean something to me.It’s real,I can feel it after I wrote this.I know the way in front is very hard and long.But If i can steps on this way,I will regret on it forever.

By the way,escort Seoer is hardest in some way.Like a lot of blogger don’t accept your link appear in their blog.

Even my life status is very difficult,But I swear to the god,i will write topic every day.Not for money,For something else.To let my believe I can still be like the one I like.

The Asian escort price in world journal is so low.

Asian escort price

The Asian escort price in world journal is so low.I was looking for something else in world journal,but when i take a look in the price of world journal.I saw a lot of price for Asian escort service,the lowest price is $50, and i also find out the $60. $80 .$90  without tips.Even the title and content say the Asian escorts are hot and young in this price.It’s impossible for cheap if they’re young, i don’t even talk about hot. Because as i know,there’s two simple explain,the price is just for attracting customer,it’s different price when you call for them.another one is the Asian escort is over 40 years old or more.

For the thing i know,$100 is standard price for Brooklyn.$120 is standard price for flushing.It’s about what i know.More and more girls or women who decide to be one of Asian escorts come to USA.I hear the Asian escort is over 40 years old told me “It’s easy to earn money for couple years before,but it’s so hard right now.more and more Asian escort join this group and independent can put the price too low to believe.”

If you don’t wanna work the same as others,like restaurant,nail spa,sale.Don’t misunderstand me,I’m not telling you to be an Asian escort,to be a operator for Asian escort service. The salary must over 3000 and you have more choice on the place and time.

Why the Asian escort price in world journal is so low!?

The price is attract customer,not the real price.

The Asian escort’s quality is unacceptable.

But,the escort’s price is too hard to grow up recently.More and more new Asian escort agency join to this group.they don’t have any advantage in the first page.For surviving,they always gonna reduce the price on it until their business grow up,sometimes they keep the same price as before.For now,don’t have any brand i know right now in Asian escort.but it’s not good for letting so many people know about this.police will focus on you.

Day by day,there will be the level here, different quality Asian escorts will have different price. Some hot Asian escort girls think lower price is too hard to accept.And there’s some customer don’t care about money,they don’t care about the service,only thing they care about is gonna be how hot this girl gonna be.

I ask my friend if they need the escort service. i give the price $200/hour for them and the hot picture for Asian escort.My friend say it’s too expensive even she’s hot.Before one Facebook friend ask me if there have any high quality escort girl to introduce him,money is not a big deal.I know nothing in that time and i was thinking all the Asian escorts are not that hot and young as i think until i know more about this business.


Never think one escort girl will work for long time!!!

escort girl

Never think one escort girl will work for long time!!!

It doesn’t mean there’s  no escort girls will work for you for long time,It’s about attitude.If you have this ideas, you will focus on those escort girls or one escort girl.your escort group will stop growing.Unless those escort girls really think you’re a good escort agency,then they choose introducing new escort girls for you.But,are you sure you’re the best one or they think you’re the best choice.

And by the way,not the NY escorts work every day.even deducting the menstrual period.The escort girl who work with me,work 6 days in two weeks.The reason is petty simple.her boyfriend is coming,she wanna have a happy time with him.even the day still have one more day.This remind me one thing : one escort agency tell me that young escort girls only work for couple days,then play with her boyfriend. what a true thing.

And i just realize one thing,I’m the guy who really don’t like to watch,but like to play.So I’m the guy who good at learning from high-skill competitor. I’m the one who easy to identify the old competitor who is better than me for long time.I realize it until today.

It’s the attitude,what you think is really important,never put all egg in one basket.You may saw a lot of NYC escort ads on News,they’re hiring the young and sexy escort girl and say they have a lot of old customers and easy to earn money more than 30 thousands dollars each month.Even those are not true,but it’s enough to scare you, you will think you don’t even have spa and you don’t have old customer.the only thing you can do is sending one escort girl to one hotel and send the back-page.Yes,it’s petty easy for you,it seems like easy.But it means everybody can earn this money,think about your advantage.If you can’t find any of them. It didn’t means you can post the ads for finding new escort girls.

Not all the escort girls like to watch Newspaper,at least some girl is ready to find the job as Asian escort,but they afraid to find it on Newspaper.Never think it won’t work before you do it.Then you did nothing and pray to god that your business will grow up. It’s too hard to happen.

Every fucking detail will change the end of your jobs.




How can i call the escort service in US if i can’t speak English well?

escort service

How can i call the escort service in US if i can’t speak English well?

In US,there’s a lot of people are from other countries,we understand their English may not that good.Because I’m one of them.Even we learn English in our country,but when we talk,we have accent when we speak English,Escort agency can’t understand what are we talking about!?

And if NYC escort agency speak too fast,we can’t understand either,it seems like we can’t communicate normally,so how can we call the escort service?

Text the message!?  I agree with this opinion,it can help you to make an appointment with escort service much easier.But some of escort agency’s phone don’t have text system.For safety,you’d better send the email too.

It’s not only for customer,it happens to escort agency to operator,so they have to learn to pick up the phone,because of this,customer may call another escort agency in new york.But there’s the thing you really don’t know.

If some NY escort agency not good at answering the phone,it means this escort agency have some new escort girls and this escort company just opening.For me,i like to try something new in small escort company sometimes.

For me,i suggest you talk more with escort girls,so you can call the escort service next time.


Want your escort website back from black box in Google!?

escort website

Want your escort website back from black box in Google!?

Today,I’m ready to share the real experience about this website:

One month before,I hire someone write escort topic for this blog everyday and I also post the blog link to Facebook and Twitter.In fact,this website still have top 100 rank with new york escort keyword.but after blog’s updating,this website disappear in front of my views.I can’t find it in top 300.

Anyway,I almost give up on that time,because I’m not doing that just spend money for it,so I keep doing that for 1 month,Today,i saw this escort website back when I decide to give up this website.

But i don’t think the topic save this website,If you let me take a serious thinking about this,100% for link,high quality link or Google make some change.

There’s only two possible for this.why don’t i believe this is from escort article.pretty easy,i update another 2 blog everyday,but those 2 don’t have any change.and one of them,change nothing before 2 month that i update blog everyday.You have no idea how upset i am.

It feels like whatever you do,you can help your escort website for a little bit.I can’t answer when Customer ask me how is the website right now.One of my customer had already quit the service from mine.

I won’t give up and keep finding out the good method to improve my escort business.

Never hate escort

hot escort

Many people think, the hot New York escort, not telling the truth.She’s just service for the guest, she would only make love with the guest.But it is not the case.At least, not all of the escort.

I often go to New York escort agency, in addition to like sex and sexy New York escort, I also like to chat with them.So I can learn a lot.

That day, I and the hot New York escort talk to life.We are telling the respective life, and work on things.I will never forget her words, the life, or get busy living, or get busy dying.

Get busy living, or get busy dying.This is very reasonable.What’s the life?A lot of people can’t say what life is.Because people are living in bad.We are busy to make money, but sometimes we don’t know what you are busy.We still waiting for death.

A lot of people hate the hot New York escort, because think they will only make love.But the truth is not the case, they have their own life, just like us.

The next time you can try to chat with sexy New York escort, maybe you will have unexpected harvest.

A lot of people don’t like to talk about escort

hot escort

In your life, there are friends and talk about sexy New York escort?Believe that a lot of people like me, I don’t like talk about escort in front of others.Because we are all very shy, and don’t want to be a friend know I have been to New York escort agency.

Most people are drinking after,will go to New York escort agency.Because this is their true thoughts, through alcohol paralysis, they will do it.Because everyone sexual needs.

If you haven’t been to New York escort agency, what a pity. Your friends just don’t like to talk about sexy New York escort, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have go to.The New York escort agency has hot New York escort, have interesting service, have sex, and so on.I think you understand.

Escort agency in New York, you can spend a wonderful with a hot New York escort for one night.You can learn skills to intercourse, from escort.This not only can increase your sexual prowess, but also can increase your sexual pleasure.

Please, if still shy friend, please take off the coat, go back to the real you.A perfect man is need sexy New York escort.If you don’t have a try, you never know what escort can bring to you.

It is a good life, come on!

How do you choose a escort on the Internet?

white escort

As you know, now you can choose a hot escort on the Internet.Don’t know if you have tried, if not, you can try.This is a very good experience.

But I need to remind you that you should learn how to select sexy escort on the Internet.Escort have only images and their information on the Internet, you can’t see their true appearance.You don’t know their true height, chest circumference, face, and so on.In the figure is always the most beautiful in the photo.

Therefore, you should know how to judge.Otherwise you will regret your choice, you will have a memorable night.But some of the pictures on the website is real, this is what you want to know.Now, I share my suggestion with you .

1, you can try to call the site contact telephone, confirm the escort of information.

2, you can use the online video to confirm the hot escort.

3, if the escort agency in very close, you can go to escort agency, enjoy the night.

4, you can view the website online evaluation

, etc.

Maybe you have a better method, and share it for us.Believe that Internet users will thank you very much, because it is your contribution.

As a New York escort, learn to endure.

hot Asian escort

If you want to succeed, you must learn to endure.As the hot New York Asian escort, began to put up with the customer’s violence.Maybe you don’t like my metaphor, but actually they are in the same way.

Why did I say that?Because I’m thinking about a person need what to do to succeed.Of course, I often go to New York Asian escort agency, so I had the idea.Though strange, but I think there are some reason.

You can think about the hot New York Asian escort why sex skills very well.Why can a night with a few men make love,the normal woman can that?You can’t imagine how escort is beginning bear the pain, so them has the salary now.

Imagine our life now, is not it?Those successful people are endure the things that ordinary people can’t stand, so they will success.Someone once said, a person to be successful,you will have to change yourself. Learn to endure,this is also a kind of change.Let oneself become more powerful.

Maybe now, you very confused, don’t know how can make oneself success.But it’s no use, just want to try to accept yourself to accept the annoying things.So you can more powerful.

Like a sexy New York Asian escort, you can have a better life.

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