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Never play with noob teammate,whatever work(new york escort website) or play game.


I was playing “killing” game,let me know noob teammate no only useless,but also gonna influence you to lose.

I don’t know if you know the “killing” game.The game have police,killer,sniper,doctor and civilian.when civilian suspect I’m the killer. another teammate killer said “I’m not killer”.so everybody know I’m killer.something like this.

And,if you play Dota with noob teammate,whatever how good are you,you gonna be’s like if the mid is killed by 4 times and left or not leaving just keep 13 times. it happens all the time.or some noob teammate like to abuse others.they always don’t play that good,but they think it’s all other teammate’s fault.and some noon play suck,then they said they’re lag. there’s one words for them “if you lag,play with computer please,if you noob,play with computer first,if you like to abuse teammate,play with your ‘awesome’ friend.”.

People like to abuse other people in game,some of them think this is necessary,can make them be a man. what  a noob idea,there’s also something  i wanna said “never be friend with those guys that like to abuse other or play in lag”. newbie is OK,but you should play with computer first or just play support .. don’t play carry.. i can’t never make it .

And,also i have worked with my friend together,even i told him  some important detail for writing article.but he never listen for it . so  i spend a lot of time modify his article.i told him add keyword first time with bold . like new york asian escort ,second time with link only,like new york asian escort ,do you know what does he doing. he make every keywords bold and links. like new york escort ..

hey. Never play with noob teammate,whatever work or play game.

Let me tell you how to make her be your personal escort girl

personal escort girl

I think people will interested in this topic.”Let me tell you how to make her be your personal escort girl

OK,let’s pass the trash talk,let me show you today’s focus.

These some medicine can make people feel sleepy after 4 hours or 1 hours even 10 minutes.i think a lot of people know this for a long time. many of you guys know it,some of you guys never try to find the method to buy those ,and some of you guys try but don’t find it. it’s much easy to get it . you can search it in google.then you will get what you want.

After you get the medicines.we need to talk about have to figure out “her”. you need to make sure she is hard to call police.if she isn’t a virgin.probably she’s not gonna call the way,you’d better bring your know what i say,right?!

Then,after first time,when she get up,try do it again.if she doesn’t refuse hard.

OK,just end it now.if you’re smart ,i think you’ve already know how to make her be your personal escort girl.if you think you’d like to call our new york asian escort,it’s also good for you.

I will delete a lot of negative escort website,and you?

negative escort

I told you guys that i have 80 websites before,i will delete negative escort website,because those thing not only help little but also make a bad influence in my escort website.
OK,not more trash talk,i find out my website’s blog page have the rank in Google,but my website have no rank in it.
By the way,i have to said “The Google result only have 30 pages right now,so we can’t see anything more than 30 pages anymore”.
It means maybe one day,these are only 10 pages(it will happen.). because 99% of people don’t take a look for the page after 10.
So,Google probably make more attention for those 10 pages.
What’s the negative escort website?
The website’s article all copied from other websites and using the robots to run sometimes the article can’t be read sometimes.and those website’s article have outlink for your main escort website.
2 Years ago,this method work really good for new york asian escort website.even i can get bunch of the long tail keywords Google rank,”Japanese escort in new york”,”hot Chinese escort”,”sexy escort”.
Do you know about the old article i write about ? i always go to the asian novel website, copy some and transfer to English.then add some keywords replace with “she”,”i”.
It works not bad anyway,but it doesn’t work right now,so don’t try that way,if you’re new for escort area.

Is the yellow page is best way to improve your escort website?

If you check the Google rank everyday about escort,you will find out there are a lot of yellow page get the good Google rank.
And a lot of personal website quit the Google rank about escort.some of new york escort agencies even think about the Google will change their rank everyday for yellow page,so seo skill won’t work out anymore.
For this idea,i don’t do any know,the fact is everything in escort area.
I do remember the few years ago,the domain’s year and domain’s name is the most important for escort seo.
Then,the trash out-links work for escort,then high pr blog’s outlink.It feels like all the thing we do now are good,maybe tomorrow it won’t work out anymore.A lot of escort agencies believe this seriously.
Let me tell you something,3 years before have the exactly same thing like now.I don’t talk too much about “why”just “The result i think”.
A lot of escort website had if your website don’t have punished,do the thing i told you,i do believe your escort website get the big chance to win “Top 1 Google rank”.

Why do i talk about “It’s you,not me!?”. i don’t do this for full-time job anymore and I’m not working that hard.only 20 minutes for escort seo sometimes.if you work more hard than me,you will win.


You need to make some changes for your escort websites first.

escort change

You need to make some changes for your escort websites first.

Do you know why Google like the CMS(especially word press.)?if you don’t know, You need to make some changes for your escort websites first.

Remember one thing first,build your escort website more content.(Don’t judge me about there’s don’t have any content still have good Google that happen to you ?!if so,you don’t need to check my topic.)
Then,make your escort home page have active content at least twice a day.i don’t mean to change your home page content twice a week.
In fact,i learn this seo skill since i learn this,but i never try this for long time in new york escort website,why?
Those new york asian escort agencies think that will destroy the beauty from website.I did remember i explain all the things to them,but they think another website don’t do that can have good Google rank,so they don’t want.
I do believe a lot of escort agencies don’t know why there’s should have the link for links page.some of them don’t put any outlink in there.(but some of them know,sometimes you wanna post the ad in girl-directory like,you have to build the link(with picture) on your websites first,some escort seoer know is not good to put in home page,so they build the link page.)
Anyway,80% of escort agencies aren’t professional escort seoer,but they always tell you to follow others,some of them are right,but some of them are false,you’re the manager,you have to make your own decision.
We need the good report to get the money,if their method don’t work out or work bad,It’s to you take care of this.
I hope your escort website have the good Google rank.

Now,ny rose – escort service gonna be running since todaty.

escort website

I don’t do this website for couple months already.but i really wanna try something new in this website.
By the way,i don’t internet right now.thanks for not internet,or i won’t write this article probaly.I’m not working that hard.but i know one thing. when i work,i wanna work feels like when i writing some article and i don’t choice,i will write one by one until i have another choice.
But,you can give you some reason to make you being work hard.For example,give $300 to your roomates,let him/her watching on you if you are doing the right thing.if the answer is no,so the $100 will belong to him,i usually make this $100 per day.
If this work for you over 1 month,i guess this gonna be excellent.
It seems like i talk too much about the thing beside the new york escort,anyway,i will try the new style in this escort website.if you’re interested in what i do for this website.
Keep reading my topic about escort in this website,if my method work out,i can try the same thing as me.