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I’m on the way to the china for Chinese escort.

escort girl

I’m on the way to the china for Chinese escort.Actually I’m in the airplane right now. I’m so happy i have 1 month relax in china,I haven’t back to my country over 4 years.

As the last time i told to you,i will upload some Chinese escort photo after i call for escort service in china.

I’m so exciting right now,but there still have 7 hours i have to spend in the airplane.It’s too hard to sleep in the airplane.noise and sorrow seat.there have some movie i can watch on the airplane,but it’s kind of boring for me.

I will visit 3 city in china : shanghai,Chengdu,Fuzhou,different city’s escort girl have different style,i hear a lot about Chengdu escort,the escort girl there have big tits and good skin.

Right now i can share anything about them for details,so there’s not a lot i can talk with you guys.By the way,I’m not only back for escort girl,I’m backing to learn something in china.

I decide to learn dance and LPN in china,It’s much harder to learn this in US,i also have another plan on the china trip.I like the food in China,it’s not like Chinese food in US,it’s different,if you come to china, you will know.

If you’re interested in local escort girl in china,you can take attention on my topics.

Write the topic for new york escort is not gonna be a hard things.

NYC escort girl

Write the topic for new york escort is not gonna be a hard things.

A lot of people think writing the topic for new york escort is very hard thing,Actually yes.Until today,i share too much about new york escort with you guys.but you have to know one thing that i have no choice.

I think write a novel is more easier than write the topic about NY escort,because this is only the thing,there’s some information for them,but it’s gonna run out of.It seems right now,i don’t even know is there anything i can share you. but i still have write something about new york escort.

Actually,there’s the thing i can share,i meet some new york escort in those day,they looks much better than before.Why do i have to meet those NY asian escort girls ?

I don’t hope i introduce the old escort girl to the customer who wanna have the wonderful night.I receive a lot of Facebook message about do you know someone are model and hot work for NY escort,i don’t reply them.because i don’t know any of them had a job for model before.i don’t wanna lie for them.Even this can bring some money,but ..

Anyway,if you’re a model and you’re interested in NY escort,you can leave a comment on this topic,i will contact you ASAP.



Details are very important,one mistake will make very serious bad affection.

NYC escort

Details are very important,one mistake will make very serious bad affection.

Before things happen,i have no idea how important it is.I think i can take one day or two day off for not writing topic for NYC escort,so the websites drop down. at that time,i think the websites would never come back,so i decide doing nothing for it and think about that website would never come back.

In fact,i know there still have something i can do for that website.Even i know,but i never work on it.i think even i do those thing,it’s still doesn’t work.

Why can i get the top 10 NYC escort before,i take care about every details,i do the everything can make this website have better rank.

It’s the same thing happen to your life,i try to find the parking position last night,after half hour looking,i still can’t find the parking position,so i decide to park in front of someone’s garage,There’s two choice, i can park in the my landlord’s or ..

Somewhere i park before,they curse on me couple times,i think it’s not a big deal for one more time,but this time is hard,they beat me and hit my car,i forgot calling i have to paid more than $1000 to fix my car..

I swear i will take care of every detail for this,whatever NYC escort or my life.

Details are more important than you think.

New york escort website’s avatar is too hard too display.

avatar for escort

New york escort website’s avatar is too hard too display.

Are you trying the same as me,make the avatar to your website.There’s something i have to share with you guys.I have more than 50 google account,if you wanna get your avatar for your website.

Option A :

First:Check that you have a email address (for example, on the same domain as your content (

Second:Make sure that each article or post you publish on that domain has a clear byline identifying you as the author (for example, “By Amy liu” or “Author: Amy liu”).

Third: Visit the Authorship page and submit your email address to Google. No matter how many articles or posts you publish on this domain, you only need to do this process once. Your email will appear in the Contributor to section of your Google+ profile. If you want to keep your email private, change the visibility of your link.

Forth:To see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the structured data testing tool.

Option B:

Create a link to your Google+ profile from your webpage, like this:

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Replace [profile_url] with the your Google+ profile URL, like this:

<a href="">amy liu</a>

Your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter. If it’s missing, Google won’t be able to associate your content with your Google+ profile.


2.Add a reciprocal link back from your profile to the site(s) you just updated.

a.Edit the Contributor To section.
b.In the dialog that appears, click Add custom link, and then enter the website URL.
c.If you want, click the drop-down list to specify who can see the link.
d.Click Save.

3. To see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the structured data testing tool.

Actually,any one of them can make your website to have avatar,but i try to do two of them in the same time,it doesn’t work for me.

Why?it’s much simple and easy to explain,my Google account is reported by someone,then that account doesn’t work more before the avatar show up.

Actually if your avatar are too sexy or your account have something information about asian escort,they can report your account very easy.

Once i do something for my new york escort,my website always drop down!?

about asian escort

Once i do something for my new york escort,my website always drop down!?

Some people may have some problem like this,yea,it happens to me,but i realize it until i decide to do some test about this.

About this escort website,the thing i do is always if this website have some rank,so i will keep writing some topic about asian escort in this blog,but if this website don’t have rank in Google,i won’t write a lot on this blog.

So,what happen if i do like this. when i write something for this asian escort drop down,if i give up for writing,this asian escort website rise.

You may have a question about if writing a topic for asian escort isn’t good or nothing is better than doing something.

Let me explain to you.Google can give your website rank instantly,i call this delay.that’s why when i do something for asian escort website,it drop down,because before it drop down,i do nothing for it.  then it rise,because i do something when it drop down.

I’m not sure about this,so i decide make a second test,that’s i try to write the topic about asian escort every day,if it work,it means I’m right.

In other opinion,doing nothing is better than doing something for asian escort? of course not,i have 20 websites, i do nothing for them,so nothing happen to them.

Which state in US have the most hot escort girl?

las vegas hot girls

If you’re new in US,and question about which state in US have the most hot escort girl?

Las Vegas,Nevada,in this state,escort service is legal different country hot girl come to there for escort.and there also have a lot local hot escort there.

I have one friend work there for escort agency,she bring 4 hot Japanese escorts there,you have no idea what happen in the next.

Even her Japanese escorts are hot,but the same customer never call the same girl,because they have too much choice over there.

But,the lucky thing is escort girl work there have higher salary than others.So,some new york escort even decide move to Las Vegas.

Anyway,i really wanna go Las Vegas to have fun,i will be there in next year,at that time,i will tell you more about them and some picture with them.

Is new york escort agency necessary?

new york escort agency neccesary

Is new york escort agency necessary?

Some customer think new york escort agency isn’t necessary,because they can contact new york escort girl by their own.I have to say this is the true,after the first time,you can talk with new york escort girl,some of them may give you phone number,so you can call more easier and she may tell you that call her without escort agency,you can get some discount.

Even there is only part of them gonna do the thing like this,but this gonna be a big problem if another new york escort girl know about this,they may do the same as them.In that time,i guess a lot of new escort agencies have to quit this circle. Do you think this gonna be good!?

Think about it,you can only call for those 2 or 3 new york escort girl,what if you bored with them,what if you wanna meet some new escort girl.Do you really care about that much money if you’re looking for the happy and new taste.

It’s my opinion,every time i hear about something information about this,i feel sad for customer and new york escort girl. If this information  leak in escort circle,there’s no escort agency gonna cooperate with her or hire her.

I think new york escort agency is necessary,they try to make this circle’s new york escort girl more hot and more style.

If you only write the topic for your escort website,it’s not enough to get the good rank.

ny escort

If you only write the topic for your escort website,it’s not enough to get the good rank.

my new york escort website‘s rank drop down very fast.maybe the reason is about i don’t write the serious topic about new york escort last night,i just post the some photos and few words on it.

But,you know Google rank drop down never gonna be one reason and for one’s impossible. I guess i gonna do something for real,not for cope myself.It would never gonna help in my jobs.

Remember 2 years before, i write the topic about escort everyday and post the link for 10 hours.i don’t know anything about new york escort,but i still achieve their goals.

I know there’s a lot of thing i can do and i know what to do.i have to do for this or i will quit this circle.

Now,I have no choice,only thing i can do is move,move,move to top as soon as the way,my new york escort website is in 9 pages,if i still do nothing like today,i do believe this gonna disappear within 1 week.

Every time i write for the escort topic,it feels like 200 words is enough and that’s it.and sometimes i can’t make it and only write for 180 words like.i tell myself is OK and next time is gonna be fewer.

I don’t how to describe this feeling,but i know you understand.this is the only skill i can live on.



Wanna know what kind of escort we get in ny asian rose?


Wanna know what kind of escort we get in NY asian rose?

Maybe you don’t like the topic about the escort,the only thing you care about is escort photo:


Escort- sexy (1)

Escort- sexy (2)

Escort- sexy (3)

Escort- sexy (4)Escort- sexy (4)

The asian escort girl in their country more hot in US.

asian escort girl

The asian escort girl in their country more hot in US.

we have to acknowledge this view,But it doesn’t means the asian escort girl in US are not good.

OK,think about it,escort in every country is demand,they don’t need to come to US for this job,they can get this job very easy in their country and they don’t need to speak English (their English are not that good).

For example,if you come to my country(china),i call for escort service,you will find out they have a lot of funny style and their escort girl is not only hot,but also good at some special things.In china,they have a lot competitor,you know china have a lot of people,so if you’re not hot or not good at something,you will be very hard to survive in that circle.

The thing i say it’s only my opinion,i hope more hot escort from china come to US,but only very little of them.

So,when you come to some new york escort website,they only have like 10 escort girls or can’t image how many you can choose in China.

Think about it,more than 200 model in the big room,you can come in front of them,check the style you like.they wear the different style cloth,sexy,custom or nothing.

Anyway,i hope asian escort girl will be like that,even in new york.

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