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After Dong Wan’s event,escort in china have big change recently.

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After Dong Wan’s event,escort in china have big change recently.

My cousin was going to bring me to some spa for escort service,but all of them closed,because of Dong Wan’s event.

I really wanna share something you need for you guys,but…

I don’t write for article for couple days already and my Google rank for my website have nothing already.

Now,I’m in ChengDu ,i use 3000 to buy clothes for pua particle.i hope i can find something here i need,so i can share more about you need.i really don’t wanna write something trash like this.

Anyway,it’s very hard to call escort service recently,even i can still find some escort service.but It’s kind of expensive.

Escort in china have the big problem right now,many escort girls have to back to their county for resting.

Do you hope the law for escort service is legal?

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You probably hope the law for escort service is legal.

OK,let me make an imagination : escort service is legal right now.The first thing is the price for escort service,must raise  higher.because escort service have to pay for tax.

I won’t feel heartbeat when i call for escort service.for example,cigarette is not good for health.drink is not good for health too.But there still have a lot people like smoking and drinking they think.smoking is very cool thing when they were child.Because smoking is illegal for child.

There is a England man sex with escort girls over thousand,he said sex with escort girls is a pure transaction. As a men,you must get bored with wife one day,whatever how hot is she,escort girl will give you different feeling.Because you don’t know which girl you will meet in next time.

One of England escort girls said not way to make escort service legal.she find a normal job before,but she back to escort service.Because of salary.

whatever escort service legal or not,it can’t be remove.the men will call for escort service even it’s illegal.

About the escort in Dong wan,people think Chinese journalist sucks.

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About the escort girls in Dong wan,people think Chinese journalist sucks.

Do you remember the thing i told you yesterday,thousands police come for escort girls in Dong wan,the fuse is from Chinese journalist,they call for escort girls and take a lot of pictures from them,such as : escort girl’s dancing video and some photos about them.

The masses judge the Chinese journalist is doing the thing like escort girls in mental,escort girls is belong Vulnerable,it’s the Chinese journalist can only bully.Dong wan means very important to sex in china,Such as Las Vegas means to gamble.

The judgement i gonna say is all from people,not for mine,but i think those are right.

1: There are a lot of single men in china,if not more escort girls,how can they to do for satisfy their sex? They do believe : Rape’s event will grow up very fast.

2:The only thing Chinese journalist can do is to affect Ordinary people’s profit,never come for Rich People or Officer,Such as someone’s father is Officer,so he can killed people and nothing happen to happens in china.

3:Even women says : compare with xiaosan,escort girls are better.

4:No one wanna be a escort girl,if they are rich to them,i think Chinese journalist is more dirty and suck.

Escort news for dong wan,thousands police come for spa and hotel.

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Escort news for dong wan,thousands police come for spa and hotel.

I watch this news from TV,In dong wan,there’s 6 thousands police patrol in spa and hotel,there’s 56 escort girl are under arrest. they find those escort girl in 5 star hotel and 4 star hotel even.

Don’t think about this as traditional thought,if you have background in dong wan, your escort girl won’t have the situation like this. 6000 police for 56 escort girls, The actually number must over 500,but those escort girls have their own background.

Why do i talk about this news,I’m not here to say call escort service in china is not’s about you’d better choose the good company for escort girls.Price is not that important as i think,the quality is the thing we care about, if you come from new york.

And if the excuse is police may come for you to arrest you,my answer : The only choice is you come to Las Vegas,It’s legal to call escort in there,so you won’t have chance to taste different style.

Call for escort service, you may be under arrest,but the opportunity is very small.Believe it or not,i know a lot friends call for escort service,but they never meet police.Such as, i drive a car in the highway,there’s  a lot not good thing may happen for you.So,you won’t drive car anymore.


Back to Fuzhou is not a good idea,dong wan gonna be better for escort service.

escort service

Back to Fuzhou is not a good idea,Dong Wan gonna be better for escort service.

Maybe i don’t know the good place for calling high quality escort service,i went to the hotel, call for the Chinese escort there and i go to  spa for incall service.anyway,i feel so sad about the girls coming,if you let me give the points to them and 10 is perfect, they can only get 3~4 or lower.

The only good is you can try different posture on them,but if i have a opportunity to dong wan,that would be totally different,my friends tell me that these have a lot escort model stand in front of you.more than 20 of them,you can pick anyone you like.sometimes he just came to there for fun(just looking) and go.

As you can see,that can’t happen to here,happen to Fuzhou ,a lot of them don’t look good and you only have a choice from two of them. and the atmosphere make you not that easy leave without calling escort service.

It’s not like in New York,we can go to the website to check details and compare,then call new york escort service from one of them,in china,if you call for escort service,some of phone call doesn’t work,because they have to take care of police very seriously.

How to call escort service in china when go some city you don’t know.

escort service in china

How to call escort service in china when go some city you don’t know.

Just go to the hotel and you will receive bunch of card like this and you can call them for detail.if you don’t know what’s meaning on the card .OK,let me transfer for you:

24 hours escort service,escort girls will right with you after you call.Recruitment the escort girls all the time.student.young women,white Collar,pick whatever you like. the price is almost 400 RMB each hour.

Don’t worry about it doesn’t work. you will receive a lot cards within 1 hours.I just wake up in the morning and i get the card almost like 20.

How’s the quality,i can tell you that everything is good except the face,body,cloth, you don’t see their face, why ?  It sounds ridiculous,but it’s true. when i came to the hotel,the police just took 3 escort girls to the car.

That’s why i didn’t call the escort service last night,i know the rules now,i will contact the escort girls next time in another hotel.

How old is escort girl in china gonna be ?

how old is escort girl

How old is escort girl in china gonna be ?

As the law,new york escort girl must over 18 years old. but in china,there have a lot escort girl below 18, Don’t ask me why.In china,their car go straight even red light and park in front of store.

But age always means one thing,the escort girls are not that hot and breast is maybe nothing.Anyway,it depends on your taste. if you get used to call big tits escort girls in new york,now you can try the different style here,LORI(it means the young girls have hot body)。

Sometimes you call escort girls in new york,they told you the girls are below 25,but not that true,but if you come to china,it’s totally different.they only rise up their age and never put it down. because escort girls in china will quit for their job after their age rise up 25.they will find someone to ?  go to another city and do a surgery and she can be a virgin again ..

Anyway,We’re not here to judge escort girl in china,i think the escort girl is necessary in this time,they can satisfy us,so we’re not gonna have Demand for flu too much,it’s good for you to chat with other girls and it’s very good method to release your pressure.

How important is the Facebook to new york escort


escort in facebook

How important is the Facebook to new york escort.

You may think about this is not a big deal if you don’t share the link in Facebook.let me tell the truth,because i come to china,so i can’t browser Facebook before until i use the Pro VPN to change my ip,so i can browser the Facebook and check the results for searching new york escort.

There’s not rank for my website or too far for my escort website.i don’t post the link in Facebook and twitter for 5 days.

The Facebook page and my escort website don’t have the rank in the same time,maybe Google change the algorithm,but i think this is not all the thing we can know.

Anyway,Remember one thing,any detail can give you a sad ending. remember this before you regret.

By the way,i gonna go for my friend,i probably gonna call for escort service in china tonight,i will share more after this.

And,these are something i may interested,if you don’t know the thing for how to do for your new york escort website,you can search the top 1 escort website in new york and search the thing how they do and follow them,you will get the not bad rank.

Hope your new york escort website have good rank in Google.

If you don’t have any sex skill,you’d better Practice with escort girl in new york.

escort girl in new york

If you don’t have any sex skill,you’d better Practice with escort girl in new york.

Recently i ask some lady,they told me “sex skill is very important,if you don’t at that, you may get dump in that time”.

But,if you still can’t find someone practice the sex skill with you or you still a virgin,it’s good for you to find some escort girl in new york,after i have more experience with this,you will get more confident,you won’t afraid talk to hot girls.

You probably think this is bullshit,it’s OK.i know a lot people how escort girl changer their life.By the way,which thing can make you exciting shortly.  absolute sex . but not everyone can have sex right now,i saw the funny thing is, A women and a men good out to have a date,when they go out and masturbation by themselves. what a sad thing. OR some women hint the men sex with her,but he’s afraid with this thing and mess up the things.

Now,you got the chance to Practice with escort girl in new york,what do you think about this.As my opinion,Let go of your worries,no one know you call for escort girl in new york if you’re afraid to let people know what are you doing?And, most of them is only the Passers in your life.

Share the links in Facebook is that important or not!?


Share the links in Facebook is that important or not!?

I’m in china right now,so i can’t share the link in the Facebook.i ask my friend how is my Google rank about my websites.It seems not good and my Facebook page drop down also.

All the information shows Facebook’s share is important.This is the problem i have to solve,i download a lot of IP transfer,but it doesn’t work.and my old IP agency tools already expired.

The only thing i can do is let my friend to help me sharing the links on Facebook.By the way,it’s Chinese new year right now, a lot of company don’t work.Even i can only transfer the money right now and have to stay at home for couple days then i will come to some hotel for escort service for sharing.

And,by the way,i have something to share with you. There have a lot escort girl below 18 years old.Never talk about law in can see the car come to the hall(the hall is one way out),but this car is come in different way.

Do you interested in student escort,if so,you’d better go to the china for tasting.

Student escort in china is better than you think

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