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The hot New York escort how it is incredible

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When I drink, I like to have a sexy New York escort accompanying.Because it can derive great pleasure out of, the hot New York escort how it is incredible!

When I drink, like molesting New York escort, they are willing to accept my Dally with, it is ordinary women can’t do, it will make me more happy to drink.Of course, if you and the New York escort is a good relationship, she is also very happy to drink for you.While looking for an interesting New York escort need to spend money, but I don’t care.Because I have something more interesting than it, this is the pleasure of drinking.

Because I have a very good relationship with New York escort, so they are willing to drink for me.If you want to and the New York escort than capacity for liquor, that you have to be careful.Drink wine is one of their work, they have a large appetite, this is twice as much as a normal man, and even more.This is what I see.

When drinking with work‘s partners, it is recommended that you’d better take a New York escort in the past.Because it can make you drink a lot less, your friend is also like that.Because I am a salesman, so I often want to drinking with clients.But my Capacity for liquor is general, so I often with a escort together.

The hot New York escort in many places, such as New York escort agency, hotels, bars, and so on.If you are willing to pay some money, you will be able to please them and play with you.Of course,this is also including sex.

If you haven’t tried, this is how a pity.Believe me, you will have incredible harvest.

If I can, I want to find a girlfriend.

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Maybe I should find a girlfriend.Now, already broke up with my girlfriend for two years, I never talk about love.I don’t know myself, I don’t know if should have new feelings.

Sometimes I and friends go to New York escort agency, to solve our sexual needs.Sex and sexy New York escort, had a comfortable night.But I know that if I have a girlfriend, I won’t go to New York escort agency.Just have a physiological needs, in fact I don’t like to have sex and New York escort.

A friend asked me: why don’t you find a girlfriend.My answer is always, not appropriate.The real reason is that I can not let go of the past.And her life together, everything is so sweet.I don’t know, accept new woman will feel this way.Maybe I was waiting for her, as she found standing behind me.She has a new life, maybe her was forget to me , but I was so stupid.

With the right person, but I didn’t cherish.Because I think slowly understand is good to both sides, but things are not so smoothly.They all have a boyfriend, I can only in the name of a friend.Slowly, accustomed to a person.Always wanted to have personal can appear, but it is not.

Two years of time, now, I would like to look for a girlfriend at the time. Looking for sexy New York escort, I don’t like that every time.Don’t worry about my temper, don’t worry about my bad habit.Because I just want to have personal to change, if you are, please reply me.

I want to go to the experience of Japanese escort services

white Japanese escort

Don’t know everyone familiar with Japan?Japan’s most famous, there are two things, one is the anime, another is porn movie.I often watch Japanese porn movies on the Internet, so has been imagining when can have the chance to go to Japan.To Japanese escort agency, looking for a white Japanese escort, let her service for me one night.Believe that must be very comfortable and beautiful.

Because Japanese porn movie, so i get to know the culture of Japan.In fact, Japanese women are very gentle and sweet.This can see to speak in their usual way, they are very soft to a man.This reminds me of Japanese porn movie plot.And so sexy Japanese escort had a wonderful night, will be very good.

I hope they can provide a wide range of services, of course, the most important thing is that their sweet.It makes me very enjoy, like winning the lottery.And the Japanese escort skin is very white, like snow.Let I can’t wait to want to have.I envy the Japanese men, every day can enjoy this service.Whether it’s at home, or Japanese escort agency.If I am a Japanese man it would be good.

Don’t know if you have to experience the white Japanese escort. if any, can share your feelings and then post.This will be I went to Japan power. maybe We have a chance that go to happy country together, looking for a white Japanese escort.

If you long time no sex, then I suggest you go to New York.

A lot of people think, only bad men will go to New York escort agency to find sexy New York escort.But I think that if you long time no make love, ejaculation.Suggest you to find a beautiful New York escort in New York escort agency, spend a wonderful night.
Why do I say that? According to the study, long time no sex, the male body damage is very big.Normal men if long time no sex, first will impact on the mental health,produce negative impact, causing sexual dysfunction.The so-called sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, and so on.
Long time no sex, can make your sexual degradation.Just like no exercise like hand, power is insufficient, can also affect the normal function.If the age of 23 years old, you still don’t have a girlfriend.Then you can consider to go to New York escort agency, looking for a sexy New York escort.
As I said above, long time no sex is harm to the body.Actually go to New York escort agency of it doesn’t matter, don’t be shy.There are some things you need right to see.Why the escort agency of the United States is legitimate, because it is the social need, it is inevitable.
I what need reminds is, and the New York escort sex need to bring a condom, it is very important for you.Because the sexy New York escort and a lot of people make love, so sometimes with disease.But as long as you have security measures, do not worry about.If you want to know more about things about New York escort agency, you can focus on my posts.I’ll tell you more.

With the New York escort sex should pay attention to?

How often do you go to New York escort agency?Sex is like looking for a white New York escort?If so, then I will say, you should pay attention to.I often go to New York escort agency, but I have a health freak.So I used to go to the query, and the New York escort sex should pay attention to what.
Now I share it with all of you, maybe it would be helpful to you.Please pay attention to your health.
1, with the New York escort during sex, don’t kiss with her.
2, with the New York escort during sex, don’t kiss them is nipple.
3, with the New York escort during sex, don’t kiss their reproductive organs.
4, with the New York escort during sex, be sure to take a condom.
This is very important, because white New York escort to more than one service for you.And they make love has a lot of, but long time, they are easily infected with the disease.For example, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gynecological diseases and so on.The transmission way of disease,have saliva ,have sex.So when white New York escort and make love to you, don’t kiss, must use condom.It is very important for you.
Hope I said these are helpful to you.

Why do I want to be a New York Asian escort?

sex with asian escort

Why do I want to be a New York Asian escort?

My name is lulu, this year 21 years old, my job is to do a New York Asian escort.I like this job, because it bring me a lot of money.

Now,you see my bags, clothes, it is hard to imagine that I used to the life of poverty.That was a painful day, I just coming into the society.Because I didn’t work, family was very poor, mom was sick, father of come off sentry duty, feed a family by odd jobs.Even so, I also thank you very much mom and dad, they gave me a pretty face and a pair of good figure.If I am very ugly, I’m afraid we have no food.Really, I never complain about my parents, I chose this way.

I wash the dishes in a restaurant at the beginning, earns barely living.At a time, My sister asked me , you have such a beautiful face, why make so little money.Yes, I am industrious, long so beautiful.Why my life is so hard, I asked myself.Then sister introduced me to New York Asian escort agency work.

Since then, I am not worried about life, as you see me now.There’s nothing wrong with the job, I am very grateful to all now.Although sometimes I also worry about later I can marry a good man, but life is more important now.

Maybe you will say, why don’t I find a good man, perhaps can also like now.But it is the things of god, isn’t it?At least, I never regret, because I have a lot of now.

Now, I am a sexy Asian escort.People it is important to know content with one’s lot, grateful, isn’t it?

I try to write about New York Asia escort agency. 

how do you think about escort

I am a boy from China, I have been to New York Asia escort agency several times.In the case of impulse, my friends and I sometimes go to New York Asia escort agency.
Now I want to write my experience on the Internet and do online porn website promotion.I’m shy at first, because it is banned in China.But I still want to try, no matter how to do.As you know, I understand only a little English words.Could not write a complete English sentences, I can only rely on translation software.But fortunately, I still have a feeling about English.So I often demand when spelling of English words.
New York Asian escort agency is a very wonderful place, in that I release myself.Don’t worry about what other people think, because I spend money.In New York Asian escort agency, I and sexy Asian escort spent a wonderful evening.They are very enthusiastic service for me, sometimes naughty dally with me.But I like the feeling, I think I’m quite successful at this time.
In real life, I don’t have a girlfriend.So in the physiological demand of time, I will go to New York Asian escort agency,mark love with the sex and beautiful Asian escort.Because we are from China,so I feel geniality every time.They were also happy that I can be in the past, we are complain together  about the life.She know my feeling, just as I can understand her.
I think this is good, at least I put them as my friend.A group of friends living abroad.

In my opinion, I’m a defenseless man, in front of the New York escort

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In my opinion, I’m a defenseless man, in front of the New York escort


I am a shy man,ordinarily in front of women, especially in front of the New York escort.When I was talking to a woman, I was nervous and blush with shame.So when I in front of New York escort, completely defenseless.

Last weekend, our company dinner party.After drinking the wine,my colleague said to go to look for a New York escort, spend a wonderful night.Everyone says, why not, so we contact New York escort agency.Is in the escort agency, I just know, I am a defenseless man, in front of the New York escort.

When we choose New York escort of tonight.My colleagues are carefully selected, and I did not.

When I was selected, the New York escort,” choose me, handsome boy.”


Colleague remind me, “maybe you should choose it.”


New York escort, “come on, my technology is very good.”

I,” OK.”

Colleagues said , I didn’t think you have not defense, in front of the New York escort,after that night.Think about it, that’s true.Maybe I should call for escort service, so that I will be better.

But that night I really had a wonderful night, because of the New York escort sex technology first-class.I think, I will continue to go to New York escort agency, even if I have not defense force in front of  New York escort.

I often meet a the New York escort in the New York hotel .


 dark new york escort

I’m a sales personnel, sometimes often on a business trip to New York, living in a hotel.Live in the hotel in the night, I often receive some calling card about New York escort.calling card with New York escort sexy pictures, let them come and telephone number,then they can give you a service project and so on.calling card made of very fine, also very attractive.

Remember the first time saw this card at the hotel, I’m very tempted.As you know, business people work very tired, want to live in the hotel have a good relaxation.Before this, I choose to go to a massage bath center, and then back to hotel.But now, I was more directly call a beautiful escort New York, accompany me to spend a wonderful night.

At first I called card above try to later before I make a phone call, sometimes there will be New York escort to knock at the door, asked if you are willing to share the night with her.This will be a very comfortable night. the New York escort are very beautiful of initiative to find, too difficult for you to refuse, so I would say, come on, baby.

If you want to the same with me , is in some places need to remind you.For example, you want to take the initiative to ask what she can service project tonight, will sleep through the night here, make love when you need to take a condom, or do you want her to serve for you, and so on.Because only in this way,and you can compare the prices.

If you also like me, often meet, then you must know how I felt.It is very important, wonderful love need security, please remember to bring a condom.Perhaps we choose to New York escort is the same, because we often meet New York escort in the New York hotel .

I am very angry, escort agency about China

hot escort in ny

Even though I live in New York now, but I used to be living in China.To the touch of the largest U.S. side of the escort agency was legal.Then came to the United States, my buddy called me to go with him to escort agency.
I was amazed : the escort agency not sin?
He : yes, maybe it is illegal in China, but in the United States at this time allowed.
I : why ?
He with a smile : the Chinese government is not in every day, but where it is, in fact nothing.This is also a good job!Some people rely on their own hands make money, some people rely on their own mind to make money, and they depend on is your vagina, these are the organs.
I : yes, indeed.

he : now, we are one of the most important action, and to escort agency looking for a sexy or beautiful escort New York, let us spend a wonderful night.
After we went to New York escort agency, enjoy the wonderful night.Thought New York escort are so beautiful, this let us hard to choose.
Looking back now,I’m still don’t understand Chinese laws, why these are illegal.If like the United States, there is a clear law to regulate the escort agency,this is very good.Why stop, stop the things that have already been impossible,maybe try my best to do it.Like the previous one dollar can buy many things, but now this is nothing.Times are changing, why use the previous method.Now, if you can’t keep up with The Times, it is eliminated.Some things is not lip service can, to act.Choose to accept or give up, everything is so simple.


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