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I’m really not sure about 1 hour Escort service can service you guys for 1 hour!

1 hour Escort service

I’m really not sure about 1 hour Escort service can service you guys for 1 hour!

Out call for escort service,As far as i know,Asian escort service for outcall provide you exactly 1 hour.But for In-call ? Always not,at least for Asian girls,It’s always be 1 times service.It could be 5 minutes or 15 minutes,it depends on your durability.By the way,it doesn’t means you can do it for 62 minutes,if you can’t let it go within 1 hour,you have to pay extra money on it.It usually will tell you to hurry up before 45 minutes maybe earlier,It depends on how many people make appointments on them.I’m not supposed to write something about this for you guys.After you know more about Asian escorts in hotel service(incall),you probably won’t go incall.

For some reason,I already quit the escort service for good.If you think all girls work for the Asian escort service are not beautiful.You’re wrong.With the student studying abroad increase,more and more of them more like to join this group.some of them do this,because they don’t know there’s anything they can do and  they need money for living. some of them for buying luxury.last one group are hotter than the first one.I work for escort seoer for 3 years more.I meet a lot of escort agency(some of them work escort girls too). So i know about this. About new escort girl’s joining.bartender may join to our escort service,when they bored with drinking and drug(I hear about they eat drugs,for customer’s happiness.) By the way,they provide one night service($600 one night). But not all of them.some of them join this for couple days then quit.For many reasons,it’s hard to explain here(I will tell more in next topic).

It’s hard to be an Asian escort agency,sometimes escort girl will complaint a lot on customer,such as “penis too big or too hard”,”he’s too fat”,”he’s kind of dirty”.