What’s the exactly right way to improve your escort business(about escort website running system)?

about escort website running system

What’s the exactly right way to improve your escort business(about escort website running system)?

I can not tell you the detail about how to work for your escort website.But I can tell you the mainly minds about attracting more browsers.Think about more about your browsers(potential customers). IF you try build more information about escort service or anything about escort service. Stop writing trash topic and stop bullshit.I had read so many trash topics and video. Simply like 1 or 2 hot pictures with advertisement terminology.It’s hard to say I was trying to learn something from those bullshit.It’s not about the quality,more about quantity.But I have to agree I used to do like them,try to find the easy way to improve escort website.When the rank 1 and rank 2 are all my websites.I think my operation is right and I think I’m the top 5 of new york Asian escort Seoer at least.But I’m totally wrong.when this mind pop up in my minds,I neglect stop learning good from the another top 10 websites.When my escort website fall down.I realized these have something wrong by my own.For me,I choose to escape,whatever about finding a part-time job for wholesale company or finding another job.

My customer who trust me even I didn’t do anything for her websites more than 2 month.she still not give up on me and told me that do something for those websites.Actually I lose the confident to raise her escort website.I know this gonna be hard time for me and I don’t even know how long this gonna take,also I won’t get paid until those website move up to top 10 Asian escort websites.

I decided to pick up my old jobs for this,But I’m not sure how long I will insist.

To be true in my heart,naive is not the bad way.Naive make me believe I can do it and insist for long time.My father told me “Mentality is very important in our life”. I just say “yes” in my mouth,but i agree with this in my heart right now.I think about I’m the good Seoer already.So I didn’t work that hard and when I fall down,I didn’t accept I’m back to the start.Maybe better than when i was a fish,maybe worse than a fish.I always wanna ignore someone who learn something from me and he’s better than me right now.I refuse to learn from them.Even I don’t wanna take look from them.I forget how I learn from good escort websites and do better than them.

Good mentality is super important for me right now,I used to care about how many words i wrote and how many keywords i add.But I never care about how reader think about my topic.Maybe i wrote better after July.But I still the one who like playing game.So I try to finish my jobs fast,So I can play my games.I know this won’t help me at all and It’s wasting my time.I was a bad chef,I work on my mother’s restaurant.I always have a mouth fight with my mother.I hate that job.So I decide to learn computer programming.I had a dream at that time and The maximum power to help me keep learning is I wanna change my life status at that time.I can remember how tired after I work,But I still try to learn everything I can.I spend a lot times and some money on this.I can remember how happy when I build my first own website.Even this website spent me a lot of times after that and It only $10 for whole year.Because of this website,I asked my sister to build leaflet and sent those in school elevator,I’m too nervous to speak English.It’s really sad when they refuse or ignore you.But it’s real happy when they receive my cards after they hearing about mine.

I Know i will be back,today is my birthday.And I strongly hope my life status will change.I do believe it will.This topic is about mine,if you’re not interested in it, you can ignore it.But it mean something to me.It’s real,I can feel it after I wrote this.I know the way in front is very hard and long.But If i can steps on this way,I will regret on it forever.

By the way,escort Seoer is hardest in some way.Like a lot of blogger don’t accept your link appear in their blog.

Even my life status is very difficult,But I swear to the god,i will write topic every day.Not for money,For something else.To let my believe I can still be like the one I like.

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