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I’m really not sure about 1 hour Escort service can service you guys for 1 hour!

1 hour Escort service

I’m really not sure about 1 hour Escort service can service you guys for 1 hour!

Out call for escort service,As far as i know,Asian escort service for outcall provide you exactly 1 hour.But for In-call ? Always not,at least for Asian girls,It’s always be 1 times service.It could be 5 minutes or 15 minutes,it depends on your durability.By the way,it doesn’t means you can do it for 62 minutes,if you can’t let it go within 1 hour,you have to pay extra money on it.It usually will tell you to hurry up before 45 minutes maybe earlier,It depends on how many people make appointments on them.I’m not supposed to write something about this for you guys.After you know more about Asian escorts in hotel service(incall),you probably won’t go incall.

For some reason,I already quit the escort service for good.If you think all girls work for the Asian escort service are not beautiful.You’re wrong.With the student studying abroad increase,more and more of them more like to join this group.some of them do this,because they don’t know there’s anything they can do and  they need money for living. some of them for buying luxury.last one group are hotter than the first one.I work for escort seoer for 3 years more.I meet a lot of escort agency(some of them work escort girls too). So i know about this. About new escort girl’s joining.bartender may join to our escort service,when they bored with drinking and drug(I hear about they eat drugs,for customer’s happiness.) By the way,they provide one night service($600 one night). But not all of them.some of them join this for couple days then quit.For many reasons,it’s hard to explain here(I will tell more in next topic).

It’s hard to be an Asian escort agency,sometimes escort girl will complaint a lot on customer,such as “penis too big or too hard”,”he’s too fat”,”he’s kind of dirty”.


How can i call the escort service in US if i can’t speak English well?

escort service

How can i call the escort service in US if i can’t speak English well?

In US,there’s a lot of people are from other countries,we understand their English may not that good.Because I’m one of them.Even we learn English in our country,but when we talk,we have accent when we speak English,Escort agency can’t understand what are we talking about!?

And if NYC escort agency speak too fast,we can’t understand either,it seems like we can’t communicate normally,so how can we call the escort service?

Text the message!?  I agree with this opinion,it can help you to make an appointment with escort service much easier.But some of escort agency’s phone don’t have text system.For safety,you’d better send the email too.

It’s not only for customer,it happens to escort agency to operator,so they have to learn to pick up the phone,because of this,customer may call another escort agency in new york.But there’s the thing you really don’t know.

If some NY escort agency not good at answering the phone,it means this escort agency have some new escort girls and this escort company just opening.For me,i like to try something new in small escort company sometimes.

For me,i suggest you talk more with escort girls,so you can call the escort service next time.


How much money you need to pay for one night stand,more cheaper than escort service?

lonely escort

How much money you need to pay for one night stand,more cheaper than escort service?

Before i went to china,i don’t know anything about one night stand and how to make this come true.only in mind.

Right now,There’s the normal price for one night stand.

You have need to eat with girls, it costs you  $100.

Then, you need to go bar with them,It costs you $300 at least.

Finally,you need open the hotel,i don’t calculate this on it,because you have to do the same if you call escort service.

There’s the point,one night stand can’t be 100%,it could be 20%,50% or 80%,but it decides on you.

The good for one night stand is you may sex with her for couple times,you may spend time and emotion on it.

The good for escort service is you have more choice and more easy,but you have to spend money on them each time.

It’s your choice,escort service is cheaper than one night stand,but one night stand can bring you a new feeling(emotion).

Anyway,I’m not here to say which one is better,it’s my opinion.


Do you hope the law for escort service is legal?

cute escort in new york

You probably hope the law for escort service is legal.

OK,let me make an imagination : escort service is legal right now.The first thing is the price for escort service,must raise  higher.because escort service have to pay for tax.

I won’t feel heartbeat when i call for escort service.for example,cigarette is not good for health.drink is not good for health too.But there still have a lot people like smoking and drinking they think.smoking is very cool thing when they were child.Because smoking is illegal for child.

There is a England man sex with escort girls over thousand,he said sex with escort girls is a pure transaction. As a men,you must get bored with wife one day,whatever how hot is she,escort girl will give you different feeling.Because you don’t know which girl you will meet in next time.

One of England escort girls said not way to make escort service legal.she find a normal job before,but she back to escort service.Because of salary.

whatever escort service legal or not,it can’t be remove.the men will call for escort service even it’s illegal.

Back to Fuzhou is not a good idea,dong wan gonna be better for escort service.

escort service

Back to Fuzhou is not a good idea,Dong Wan gonna be better for escort service.

Maybe i don’t know the good place for calling high quality escort service,i went to the hotel, call for the Chinese escort there and i go to  spa for incall service.anyway,i feel so sad about the girls coming,if you let me give the points to them and 10 is perfect, they can only get 3~4 or lower.

The only good is you can try different posture on them,but if i have a opportunity to dong wan,that would be totally different,my friends tell me that these have a lot escort model stand in front of you.more than 20 of them,you can pick anyone you like.sometimes he just came to there for fun(just looking) and go.

As you can see,that can’t happen to here,happen to Fuzhou ,a lot of them don’t look good and you only have a choice from two of them. and the atmosphere make you not that easy leave without calling escort service.

It’s not like in New York,we can go to the website to check details and compare,then call new york escort service from one of them,in china,if you call for escort service,some of phone call doesn’t work,because they have to take care of police very seriously.

How to call escort service in china when go some city you don’t know.

escort service in china

How to call escort service in china when go some city you don’t know.

Just go to the hotel and you will receive bunch of card like this and you can call them for detail.if you don’t know what’s meaning on the card .OK,let me transfer for you:

24 hours escort service,escort girls will right with you after you call.Recruitment the escort girls all the time.student.young women,white Collar,pick whatever you like. the price is almost 400 RMB each hour.

Don’t worry about it doesn’t work. you will receive a lot cards within 1 hours.I just wake up in the morning and i get the card almost like 20.

How’s the quality,i can tell you that everything is good except the face,body,cloth, you don’t see their face, why ?  It sounds ridiculous,but it’s true. when i came to the hotel,the police just took 3 escort girls to the car.

That’s why i didn’t call the escort service last night,i know the rules now,i will contact the escort girls next time in another hotel.