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Want your escort website back from black box in Google!?

escort website

Want your escort website back from black box in Google!?

Today,I’m ready to share the real experience about this website:

One month before,I hire someone write escort topic for this blog everyday and I also post the blog link to Facebook and Twitter.In fact,this website still have top 100 rank with new york escort keyword.but after blog’s updating,this website disappear in front of my views.I can’t find it in top 300.

Anyway,I almost give up on that time,because I’m not doing that just spend money for it,so I keep doing that for 1 month,Today,i saw this escort website back when I decide to give up this website.

But i don’t think the topic save this website,If you let me take a serious thinking about this,100% for link,high quality link or Google make some change.

There’s only two possible for this.why don’t i believe this is from escort article.pretty easy,i update another 2 blog everyday,but those 2 don’t have any change.and one of them,change nothing before 2 month that i update blog everyday.You have no idea how upset i am.

It feels like whatever you do,you can help your escort website for a little bit.I can’t answer when Customer ask me how is the website right now.One of my customer had already quit the service from mine.

I won’t give up and keep finding out the good method to improve my escort business.

In my opinion, I’m a defenseless man, in front of the New York escort

A-cup escort

In my opinion, I’m a defenseless man, in front of the New York escort


I am a shy man,ordinarily in front of women, especially in front of the New York escort.When I was talking to a woman, I was nervous and blush with shame.So when I in front of New York escort, completely defenseless.

Last weekend, our company dinner party.After drinking the wine,my colleague said to go to look for a New York escort, spend a wonderful night.Everyone says, why not, so we contact New York escort agency.Is in the escort agency, I just know, I am a defenseless man, in front of the New York escort.

When we choose New York escort of tonight.My colleagues are carefully selected, and I did not.

When I was selected, the New York escort,” choose me, handsome boy.”


Colleague remind me, “maybe you should choose it.”


New York escort, “come on, my technology is very good.”

I,” OK.”

Colleagues said , I didn’t think you have not defense, in front of the New York escort,after that night.Think about it, that’s true.Maybe I should call for escort service, so that I will be better.

But that night I really had a wonderful night, because of the New York escort sex technology first-class.I think, I will continue to go to New York escort agency, even if I have not defense force in front of  New York escort.

I often meet a the New York escort in the New York hotel .


 dark new york escort

I’m a sales personnel, sometimes often on a business trip to New York, living in a hotel.Live in the hotel in the night, I often receive some calling card about New York escort.calling card with New York escort sexy pictures, let them come and telephone number,then they can give you a service project and so on.calling card made of very fine, also very attractive.

Remember the first time saw this card at the hotel, I’m very tempted.As you know, business people work very tired, want to live in the hotel have a good relaxation.Before this, I choose to go to a massage bath center, and then back to hotel.But now, I was more directly call a beautiful escort New York, accompany me to spend a wonderful night.

At first I called card above try to later before I make a phone call, sometimes there will be New York escort to knock at the door, asked if you are willing to share the night with her.This will be a very comfortable night. the New York escort are very beautiful of initiative to find, too difficult for you to refuse, so I would say, come on, baby.

If you want to the same with me , is in some places need to remind you.For example, you want to take the initiative to ask what she can service project tonight, will sleep through the night here, make love when you need to take a condom, or do you want her to serve for you, and so on.Because only in this way,and you can compare the prices.

If you also like me, often meet, then you must know how I felt.It is very important, wonderful love need security, please remember to bring a condom.Perhaps we choose to New York escort is the same, because we often meet New York escort in the New York hotel .

Don’t hire someone use google transfer to make escort article

black sexy escort

Don’t hire someone use google transfer to make escort article.


On the streets of New York, the busy traffic and traffic, and the only one person in this strange city, feeling bored and lonely, haven’t seen a girlfriend.

On the street, I saw a flock of beautiful New York escort , suddenly reminded of a girlfriend, give her a call, tell her wanted very much to her recently, the body also is very bad, it is difficult to control, she actually said to me, you can find New York escort , also warned me never derailed spirit, be careful she will chop me.

Looking back, at the mall exit saw a beautiful New York escort, this how can see the beauty pass, ran into the mall is absent, Laps around the mall didn’t find a bit disappointed Himself went into the supermarket to buy beer roast chicken back to the bedroom. Look at girlfriend photos, suddenly remind of the island’s beauty, open the computer to comfort themselves, in the high is open only to comfort himself, beer and let the body is a little hot, it is very uncomfortable, went in the bathroom and shower, did a bit lonely, tired fell asleep that night.

The night had insomnia.

In the big city, New York, there are many New York escort
In the neon of city, this is for the desire and passion at the moment.
That day, miss New York escort came to strike up a conversation with me, I saw her I was shocked, too beautiful, to have a shape.
She is mainly that a person’s eyes looked at you will make you full of desire.
I took my smiling face long talk with her.
Walking, we came to a bar, let’s dance.  To my surprise she are very well in dance And she also active interactive me, let me instantly with desire.
After we left the bar, we kiss under the effects of alcohol.
A soulful kiss before we scattered in the street hand in hand.
Later we came to the hotel together, miss a hotel in New York rush toward to me.
I have to respond to his intense, New York escort slowly took off my coat, then I have to succumb to, put her down on the bed.
We had a night lingering.
Wake up the next morning New York escort has not in the hotel.
This is I once met in New York, it’s full of passion.
If you also want to have an affair, in New York that miss went to New York escort!
From then on, New York escort shadow deeply engraved on my mind.
No limits, as long as you want to have a memorable one night stand with miss New York escort.
She USES her tender and unique charm to respond to you.
Opportunity is rare, they met in New York City, where there is what you want.
Make us more relaxed in New York.

The new for New york escort Was arrested and …

sad escort

The new for New york escort Was arrested and what kind of new york escort gets arrested.

I just back from china and hear about some bad news about new york escort.that escort agency tell me that police put some escort girls in to jail recently.

They know some escort girls from eros-ny.com and backpage.com . i have to talk about eros-ny.com .this website have imbalanced Google rank before for long time.so a lot of customer had already booked this website.so even it don’t have good rank in Google right now,there still have a lot of customer go to this website for looking escort girls.

And there’s another news i have to share with you : a Indonesia boy  bring one local girl under 17 to my friend’s hotel,after one week,police know about this event, police is hunting him right now,it’s the criminal offense.Remember one thing, don’t bring a girl under 17 to the hotel.

So,what’s the way for new york escort agency is safety?As my opinion,Google search and Google maps is better.Even there’s a lot of websites out of rank and don’t know what’s the reason about them.Even some of escort agency don’t believe seo can be work for escort website in USA.You may try for Google maps and find out it can’t stand forever.


How important is the Facebook to new york escort


escort in facebook

How important is the Facebook to new york escort.

You may think about this is not a big deal if you don’t share the link in Facebook.let me tell the truth,because i come to china,so i can’t browser Facebook before until i use the Pro VPN to change my ip,so i can browser the Facebook and check the results for searching new york escort.

There’s not rank for my website or too far for my escort website.i don’t post the link in Facebook and twitter for 5 days.

The Facebook page and my escort website don’t have the rank in the same time,maybe Google change the algorithm,but i think this is not all the thing we can know.

Anyway,Remember one thing,any detail can give you a sad ending. remember this before you regret.

By the way,i gonna go for my friend,i probably gonna call for escort service in china tonight,i will share more after this.

And,these are something i may interested,if you don’t know the thing for how to do for your new york escort website,you can search the top 1 escort website in new york and search the thing how they do and follow them,you will get the not bad rank.

Hope your new york escort website have good rank in Google.

NY asian rose’s Google rank just step back,analyze why do this escort website are not stable.


NY asian rose’s Google rank just step back,analyze why do this escort website are not stable.

Just one day past,I search the “new york escort” in Google couple minutes before.NY asian rose’s rank step back 2 position. you may think this is not a big deal. I have been researching on this over 2 years,every time i see some website step back within 3 days,this website will drop down very fast in next update and it’s possible for disappear,Especially for some escort website just come up in top 20 shortly.

Do you remember the thing i told you last time,this website have top 30 in new york asian escort,then disappear ,and the time it show up already in the top 20.I know this can keep for long time,but i still try keep it up.

There’s one mistake i did after it go up,i still copied the article from old escort’s website,even that would be the last one,so i have to write something good about new york escort since today.

But,the lucky thing is : It’s still have top 20 in “new york escort“,mentality is very important when you do for this,sometimes you have to write article everyday and post the link sometimes,but never care about the result,then it will work out.

I will share something tomorrow also,let’s see if the homemade article work or not .
















I feel so sleepy after i teach my friend to do seo for new york escort website.

new york escort

Before i coming here to teach her do the seo for new york escort, i know it probably doesn’t work.Right now i feel so sleepy. .

Why? you know the sleepy can be influence.especially someone yawn all the time next to you.

OK,let’s pass the trash talk,the day i do is teach my friends to build 10 social for her escort website.and tell her write some some useful article every day .

Now,she’s building other social website by her own,there’s something i need to said,she doesn’t know what does need to do in those website.only thing she know is build some escort link in those website.

I need to spend 10 days for new york escort and i have to do something for them,because i don’t have any other job right now.

I still remember 2 years before,i was working so hard in little basement,it’s more like i post the outlink more than 13 hours.

I try so hard in that time and I’m not sure if that work.  I promise my customer i can make 2 website have top 10 rank in Google with keyword(new york asian escort).

I made it and it probably is about lucky,but it makes insist until now.There’s a lot of people think this is much easier.But it’s totally false.

You need to make some changes for your escort websites first.

escort change

You need to make some changes for your escort websites first.

Do you know why Google like the CMS(especially word press.)?if you don’t know, You need to make some changes for your escort websites first.

Remember one thing first,build your escort website more content.(Don’t judge me about there’s don’t have any content still have good Google rank.is that happen to you ?!if so,you don’t need to check my topic.)
Then,make your escort home page have active content at least twice a day.i don’t mean to change your home page content twice a week.
In fact,i learn this seo skill since i learn this,but i never try this for long time in new york escort website,why?
Those new york asian escort agencies think that will destroy the beauty from website.I did remember i explain all the things to them,but they think another website don’t do that can have good Google rank,so they don’t want.
I do believe a lot of escort agencies don’t know why there’s should have the link for links page.some of them don’t put any outlink in there.(but some of them know,sometimes you wanna post the ad in girl-directory like,you have to build the link(with picture) on your websites first,some escort seoer know is not good to put in home page,so they build the link page.)
Anyway,80% of escort agencies aren’t professional escort seoer,but they always tell you to follow others,some of them are right,but some of them are false,you’re the manager,you have to make your own decision.
We need the good report to get the money,if their method don’t work out or work bad,It’s to you take care of this.
I hope your escort website have the good Google rank.